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iLuv Rockwall Power 2 Outlet Wall Charger with 4 USB charging Ports, white only. Keep all your devices charged with the white RockWall Power 2 Charging Hub. This charger converts any single wall outlet into a multi-port charging hub. It's equipped with 2 AC outlets and 4 USB ports, and outputs a total of 4.8A of power. To minimize charging time, it uses smart charging technology, which actively adjusts power output in each USB port, depending on the requirements of the device. The RockWall's internal circuitry is designed to prevent overcharging and overheating that can damage connected devices and its premium construction enables durable and reliable operation. By iLuv.
  • Converts any 1 outlet wall socket into 2 AC outlets without extra cords
  • 4 USB ports for charging Apple and Android smartphones and tablets as well as other USB devices such as e-readers, portable speakers, wireless headphones, and more
  • Smart charging technology allows any device to be charged through any port at maximum speed
  • Total charge output: 4.8 amps
  • Designed for safety: prevents overcharging and overheating devices
  • Premium construction for durable and reliable operation

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