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DPX/Blackwater Fixed Knives

DPX BWCLD002     
DPX BWCLD002 P-E-T, or Personal Extraction Tool, is great for opening boxes or cutting through a seat belt. By DPX/Blackwater.
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DPX BWGRX001     
DPX BWGRX001 Blackwater Grizzly 6. A hard duty SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) designed and used by the special operations community. Ideal for wilderness and military application as well. By DPX/Blackwater.
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DPX BWURX001     
DPX BWURX001 Blackwater Ursa 6 is a military-spec blade designed for combatives and neutralizing hostile elements. Deadly, sharp, and low profile, the URSA is a no-fail last line of defense. By DPX/Blackwater.
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