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Cable Testers

LAN cable-check & telephone test set. Identify connector & cable pin-out with true cable mapping for both patch cords and installed cables. Also perform full-range continuity testing, line condition, signal tracing & wire identification with tone generator and tone probe cable tracer. By Paladin.
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Coaxial cable LAN ProNavigatorTM Tester. Test data & telephone cable for proper pairing for EIA/TIA-568A & B, Token Ring, 10 Base T & common Cat5,Cat5e, Cat6 configurations. Also tests continuity of 50 & 75 ohm coaxial cables with BNC terminations. By Paladin.
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The Paladin LAN & A/V Cable-Check Tester. Quickly and easily test RJ45, cable TV "F", RCA, and BNC cabling used in smart home installations. By Paladin.
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The Paladin Butt Set. Portable handset for installers, repair technicians and other authorized personnel to use for line testing and temporary communications. By Paladin.
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VDV MapMaster 2.0 Test Kit combines continuity testing, mapping, tone generation and length measurement functions in a single tester. By Platinum Tools.
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LANSeeker Cable Tester TP500. The LANSeeker is a fast, rugged cable tester and tone generator in one unit. By Platinum Tools.
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