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ATFK Advanced Tactical Folding Knife Automatic Version, plain edge. By Blackhawk - Masters of Defense - MOD Knives.
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Blackhawk Be-Warned Plain Satin. By Blackhawk.
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Blackhawk Crucible FX2, plain edge (15C200BK) or serrated edge (15C210BK). By Blackhawk.
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Blackhawk Hornet II. Designed by legendary edged-weapons expert James Keating, the Hornet is a proven classic and a favorite of savvy knife users worldwide. By Blackhawk.
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Blackhawk HawkHook Serrated. Being prepared means having the right tool at the right time. And with BlackHawk's new HawkHook, having a versatile rescue tool with you 24/7 has never been so convenient or affordable. By Blackhawk.
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The Mark I Type E delivers cutting-edge performance with an integrated button-lock locking mechanism, secondary safety, recessed seat belt/cord cutter, and carbide glass breaker. By Blackhawk.
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Blackhawk Nightedge Serrated Edge. Designed by renowned custom knifemaker Allen Elishewitz, the Nightedge is a full-sized fixed-blade knife inspired by the popular MOD Nightwing. By Blackhawk.
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Blackhawk XSF Punch Dagger. The amazing strength and penetration power of the Besh Wedge blade profile make it a natural choice for thrust-oriented knife designs. By Blackhawk.
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Blackhawk Point Man. The Point Man is both the rebirth and the evolution of a true classic - the original MOD "Trident" utility folder. By Blackhawk.
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