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GATCO Backpacker 2-Stone Sharpening System. By GATCO.
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GATCO Edgemate Knife Sharpening System offers chefs, handymen, sportsmen, and woodcarvers everything they need to put a professional, razor-sharp edge on all kitchen, sport, and utility cutlery. By GATCO.
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GATCO Diamond Hone Sharpening System sharpens all plain and serrated blades with the highest performance in sharpening instruments. Gatco sharpening hones feature longer, wider stones than competitive models. By GATCO.
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GATCO Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System will sharpen all kitchen, sport, and utility cutlery including knives and cutting tools with serrated blades. Never before has a sharpening system done so much! This specialty product utilizes the GATCO exclusive knife clamp/angle guide to insure that all cutting tools can be easily sharpened to a precise razor-like edge. By GATCO.
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GATCO Backpacker Diamond 2-Stone Sharpening System. By GATCO.
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GATCO-Timberline Vallotton Locking Liner, combo edge (10411). Internationally known knife designer Butch Vallotton developed this exceptional cutting tool to withstand the rigors of daily hard use. By GATCO-Timberline.
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GATCO-Timberline Kelly Worden Designed Worden Tactical, medium, combo edge (11231). With massive stainless steel liners, perfect pivot pin-to thumb stud geometry and secure grip handle design, these formidable tools will satisfy the peformance needs of demanding professionals. By GATCO-Timberline.
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GATCO-Timberline Vallotton-Ochs Designed Kickstart, plain edge (1143) or serrated edge (1141). The lightning fast/super smooth Vallotton assist deploys the blade to the locked position with authority. By GATCO-Timberline.
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GATCO Easy-Grip Clamp Mount. This innovative sharpening accessory holds your GATCO knife clamp/angle guide to maximize ease of sharpening. By GATCO.
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