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JVC HAF140GN/HAF140YN     
JVC HAF140 Gumy colorful in-ear headphones. The best-selling Gumy earbud headphones offer a new 9-color line-up completely matching the 4th Generation iPod nano & shuffle. Color available in green (HAF140GN) or yellow (HAF140YN). By JVC.
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JVC HAF150D/G/P     
JVC HA-F150 - the best-selling Gumy earbud headphones offer a new 8-color line-up completely matching the 6th Generation iPod nano. The Gumy earbud headphones feature a soft rubber body that provides a snug fit and include a tangle-resistant 3.28-foot (1.0 m) color matching cord. By JVC.
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JVC HAF240G/HAF240P     
JVC HA-F240 Gumy secure and comfortable fitting in-ear headphones with air cushion. Color available in Green (HAF240G), Pink (HAF240P). By JVC.
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JVC HAFR36A/D/G/P/R/S/V     
JVC HA-FR36 Marshmallow Remote + Mic headphones feature a built-in remote control and microphone and are designed for use with the iPod, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry. By JVC.
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JVC HAFX30A/B/D/G/P/R/S/V     
JVC HA-FX30 Marshmallow inner-ear headphones feature a secure and comfortable-fitting body with small and medium memory foam earpieces to provide superior sound isolation from background sound. By JVC.
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The HAFX55Z (pink) is the high quality in-ear headphone with compact 8.5mm driver unit for a comfortable fit in your ear. It comes with three different sizes rubber ear piece. Color available in blue or pink. By JVC.
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JVC HA-FX5 Gumy Plus is an inner-ear version of the top-selling JVC Gumy for those who prefer the inner-ear design over an earbud. By JVC.
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JVC HANC120     
JVC HA-NC120 noise canceling headphones combine superior noise canceling performance with a multi-foldable design that makes them ideal for travel. By JVC.
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