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Sea Hunter - diver's knife with a built-in cord cutter and a blunt tip. The package includes diver's sheath with adjustable straps and quick release buckles. By Kershaw.
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This magnesium fire starter always strikes a spark even in damp conditions. A molded plastic handle makes it easy to use and a nylon cord keeps it handy when you need it. By Kershaw.
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Kershaw Cinder is small enough to attach to your keychain, yet it's still capable of doing most of the tasks you carry a knife for. From opening packages to breaking down boxes, the Cinder's got you covered. By Kershaw.
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Kershaw 1072 Camp 12 Parang - The full-tang 12-inch Camp 12 blade is built of tough MN65 steel, a durable carbon steel designed for hard-use applications. By Kershaw.
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The Camp 18 is the biggest zombie whacker in the Kershaw stable. With it's big 18-in. blade, it takes on campsite and other outdoor chores with ease. By Kershaw.
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The Camp 14 is 14 inches of pretty awesome camp knife that does a great job of whacking campsite and other outdoor chores down to size in very short order. By Kershaw.
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This camp knife is the right tool for every campsite chore - from clearing brush to making kindling. By Kershaw.
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The popular Kershaw Camp 10 machete has been widely praised for both value and durability. And while its original black-and-gray color scheme looks great in the field or in the backyard, we thought we'd try this favorite in a new color, too. By Kershaw.
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Meet the Deadline, from Kershaw and Matt Diskin. It's got a lot of special features between its two-toned stainless steel handles. By Kershaw.
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