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BCB International

CN331 Striker Fire Flint. Flint adhered to magnesium block, Scrape shavings off the magnesium block with the hacksaw blade. Then ignite these by striking the blade down the flint showering sparks onto the magnesium. This burns readily and very hottly so is an ideal catalyst to ignite your tinder. By BCB International.
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CN335A Matchless Fire Set, Metal Box (NATO). The tin contains hexamine blocks, compressed cotton wool and a ranger fire-lighting flint. This kit has the advantage of lasting much longer than a box of matches and its components are sealed. Size: 8.5 x 6 x 2.5cm; Weight: 100g (3oz). By BCB International.
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Mini Mess Box - A super lightweight, airtight aluminium tin with locking roller clasps. It features a rubber seal within the lid, and is useful as a storage tin for personal survival equipment. Size: 13 x 9.5 x 3cm (5" x 3.5" x 1"), Weight: 95g (4oz). By BCB International.
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Flat Mate - A versatile waterproof, non-absorbant, fold flat sleeping mat. Manufactured from high quality closed cell foam. By BCB International.
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