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The North Star Goto RVO 525 x 3" model is a talking high-power, reflector telescope. UP to 525x magnification and 3-inch reflector mirror. By Bushnell.
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The North Star Goto RVO 100mm is a compact Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope offering amateur astronomers state-of-the-art computer-driven location and tracking capability with simple, push-button control. By Bushnell.
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The North Star Goto RVO 675 x 4.5" reflector telescope is an advanced real Voice Output version of our premier NorthStar. By Bushnell.
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The North Star Goto RVO 90mm is a compact Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope offering advanced optical design. By Bushnell.
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Tasco Novice 30060402 402x60mm Refractor Telescope. By Tasco.
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Tasco Spacestation series 49060700 60x700mm Telescope. For those who want to experience astronomy but not get too committed, the Tasco Spacestation 60AZ may be the perfect scope for the first time user or astronomy novice. By Tasco.
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Tasco Spacestation series 49070800 60x700mm Telescope. With its 70mm lens and all the bells and whistles, the Tasco Spacestation 70AZ is ideal for both the beginner and amateur astronomer. By Tasco.
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Tasco Spacestation series 49114500 114x500mm Telescope. With an LED electronic red dot finderscope, 500mm focal length and 114mm objective mirror, the Spacestation 114ST is ideal for any astronomer. By Tasco.
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Tasco Specialty series 49TN 50x50mm + 900x Microscope. A terrific two-piece combo for the explorer in the family. The land and sky telescope is ideal for entry-level surveying with 2x finderscope and 35x land eyepiece. The 19-piece 900x microscope includes assorted examination and preparation tools, slides and sample specimens. By Tasco.
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Vivitar 60x-120x Refractor Telescope and Microscope combo kit. Microscope comes with 3 adjustable lenses, lightweight durable aluminum barrel, mirrored diagonal eyepiece for easy viewing, quick screw-type assembly with no tools required with storage cases, adjustable full-sized tripod sets up quickly and easily. Set includes an illuminator lamp, 3 plastic vials and 3 plastic slide covers, a stirring rod, spatula, scalpel, and needle pen, 3 collecting stickers, and 2 circular specimen trays. By Vivitar.
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