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iLuv I111BTBK
iLuv I111BTBK Bluetooth Stereo Receiver with Hands-free, 2-Way Splitter Adapter & Dual Volume Control for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy, other smartphones and Home/Car Audio System. By iLuv.
Your new iPhone 7/7 Plus with Your Old Headphones
Cut the cable between your smartphone and headphones. Don't worry if your new smartphone doesn’t have a headphone jack! iLuv's Bluetooth Audio Converter makes it possible to listen to music from your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus wirelessly. i111BT also works with analog Hi-Fi speakers and car stereos so you can play your favorite music wirelessly.
Share Your Music with Dual Volume Control
Enjoy the luxury of controlling your tunes from up to 30ft away from your smart phone or audio device. With two audio jacks you can share your music listening experience with a friend. i111BT features dual volume control adjusters, so both you and your friend can each listen to the same music at your desired levels.
Use Your Voice to Command
Featuring a special built-in mic, you can hold a button on the Bluetooth Audio Converter and use your voice to command major voice services - like Apple's Siri and Google Now - without having to grab for your phone. You can also answer incoming calls without having to grab for your phone.
  • Impressive Bluetooth strength allows you to stream music up to 30 ft away from your smart phone or audio device
  • Compatible with major voice command software like Apple's Siri and Google Now
  • Stereo Splitter with Individual Volume Control and Hands-Free Function
  • Share your listening experience with your friends by plugging in their headphones so they can enjoy your music with you
  • Plug your 3.5 mm headphones into this splitter and watch them instantly turn into a wireless headset

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