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Gripmaster GRIP
The patented Gripmaster is the only hand exerciser available today which enables you to isolate and develop each finger individually. And because each finger is operated by a completely separate system of muscles and tendons in the hand, wrist, and forearm, the only way to achieve optimum conditioning of the hand is with Gripmaster. By Gripmaster.
    Gripmaster is made of the highest quality
  • Stainless steel springs
  • ABS plastic for durability (same plastic used in motorcycle helmets)
  • Ergonomic palm bar for comfort (Santoprene, FDA grade 171-64, black)
  • Patented (awarded 2 patents)
    Perfect model for everyone - choose color from the pull down menu below
  • GRIP-YELLOW – X-Light tension (3 lbs per finger): recommended for children over 12 years and seniors
  • GRIP-BLUE – Light tension (5 lbs per finger): recommended for the average woman’s hand and men preferring more repetitions at lesser resistance
  • GRIP-RED – Medium tension (7 lbs per finger): recommended for the average and above-average man’s hands
  • GRIP-BLACK – Heavy tension (9 lbs per finger): recommended only for very strong hands

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