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QSP Knife

QSP Knife is located in the city of YangJiang, in Guangdong province of the People's Republic of China. YangJiang is known for its knife and cutlery manufacturing industry. The QSP team has been involved in Original Equipment and Original design manufacturing (OEM/ODM) of knives for more than 10 years.

QSP stands for Quality, Service, Price.

QSP produces BUDGET FRIENDLY and PREMIUM SERRIES knives by adopting precision working procedures, such as water jetting, vacuum heat treatment, computerised CNC machining and CNC grinding. Each QSP knife is carefully inspected before shipping.

The quality and cost performance of QSP knives are increasingly recognized and accepted in countries where the QSP branded knives are sold. The QSP motto is Keeping moving, do better!!! QSP Knife will continue to present more and more practical knives at good quality and good price to the market.

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